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Portable X-Ray Machine


With a 30” detection area, the FLATSCAN XS features the biggest detection surface on the market. In fact, with its larger inspection zone, the FLATSCAN XS will enable EOD operators to assess the level of risk of most suspect packages in just one single X-Ray shoot, which means the user’s exposure to danger will be dramatically reduced. Developed both for and by EOD operators, this detector has been specifically designed to be the most ergonomic and user-friendly digital panel on the market.


This ultra-light, compact and battery operated constant potential portable X-Ray generator is the perfect tool for specific security applications that require repetitive short exposures. Its versatility also makes it the ideal piece of equipment for security applications. In fact, in combination with the FLATSCAN, and other digital X-Ray detectors, the CPB will - thanks to its small focal spot and constant potential X-Ray output – enhance image quality and definitely contribute to a reduced exposure time.