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Explosive Vapor Detector: RS DYNAMICS

The EXPLONIX2 is a highly sensitive, portable, multi-functional explosives/radiological compounds detection and analytical system offering optimal power & flexibility for fast, reliable detection and identification of a wide range of explosive and radioactive material traces.

It has a built-in internal calibration system and fast cleaning times that are superior to those of competing products. The product also offers significant versatility in the use of swiping techniques and a direct trace mode for small, closed spaces.

In combination with its low maintenance costs and expenses for disposables / consumables, the EXPLONIX2 is way ahead of its competitors, combining clinical advantages with low total ownership costs. This brings a total new experience for easy, cost-effective, robust and precise tool designed for real field military use.

Detection and Analytical Range

Explonix detects all ICAO standard and military/industrial explosives down to picogram level, including TATP and other homemade explosives and all plastics (PETN/HMX/RDX based explosives) even with no taggant added.


Explosives Section

-  Detection limit: picogram reading

-  Excellent Suppression of interfering compounds (perfumes, diesel exhausts, various odours, diesel fuel vapours, various desolvents and other organics)

-  Detection time: 1 second for both vapor modes

-  Detection range: all known explosives, upgradable

-  Analytical time: < 30 second in Particulate Mode

-  Warm-up time: 30 seconds to 1 minute

-  Cleaning time: typically 10 seconds up to several minutes in case of huge contamination


Radiological Section

-  Full-featured Gamma-Ray spectrometer with radionuclide identification and internal upgradable library, PC graphic spectrogram output and automatic background correction and calibration. Immediate response/alarm on exposure of smallest level of radiation

-  Detector type: NaI/Ti

-  Sensitivity (static): 30 cps per MBq/m (Cs_137)

-  Resolution: Better then 9% FWHM at energy 662 keV

-  Energy Range: 20 keV – 3.0 MeV

-  Number of Channels: 1024

-  Radionuclide identification library: upgradable

-  Calibration standard: Cs_137